VOX Management operates as a comprehensive 360° agency serving freelance film and TV score producers, engineers, and mixers both domestically in the USA and on the international stage, offering an expansive range of services to foster creativity and enhance careers.

If you're looking for an engineer:

At VOX Management, we are committed to tailoring each experience, with personalisation, flexibility, and transparent project management at the core of every project.

What to expect:
  • Initial assessment to match roster talent to project according to your requirements and preference concerning genre, style etc.
  • Genuine relationships and regular contact to ensure successful long-term partnerships.
  • Transparent project-wide budgeting.
If you are an Engineer

We take pride in servicing our high-end roster with every aspect of securing work, building networks, and managing personal branding.

What to expect:
  • Early sourcing and third-party outreach for relevant projects to match each roster engineer’s requirements.
  • Negotiating rates in line with current market pricing and client portfolio and history.
  • Coordinating royalty and back-end deals, including contract administration.
  • Bespoke cross-channel promotion for engineers’ profile and latest work, i.e. website, social media, IMDb, Wikipedia.
  • Consistent client liaison and relationship management in view of long-term partnerships.
  • Co-ordinate bookings/ Diary management/ Invoice management/ Equipment hire/ Travel arrangements.
  • Networking and expanding client base/ Market research.
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Stephen Bement

Stephen Bement

Clients & collaborators: Phantom Power, Gothic Storm, Dos Brains, SBRMX Music & Sound Design

Stephen has been a respected engineer, co-producer, and mixer for over a decade.

As part of his discography, Stephen composed and recorded multiple film and tv add placements and trailers for such films like John Wick and Song Bird.


Best Known For

Fade - Soundtrack
John Wick - Trailer
Songbird - Trailer

All Film & TV Credits

John Wick - Trailer
Song Bird - Trailer
Survivor - TV Add
Raw - TV Add
The Men Who Stole The World - TV Add
Outback Opal Hunters - TV Add
Masters of Photography - TV Add
V-Day: Volcanic Planet - TV Add

All Music Credits

Fade - Video Game Soundtrack
Phantom Power
Gothic Storm
End of Silence
SBRMX Music & Sound Design
Dos Brains

Recent Projects

VOX Studios Selected Projects - SongbirdVOX Studios Selected Projects - RAWVOX Studios Selected Projects - Survivor



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