VOX Management is a 360° agency for film and TV score producers, engineers, and mixers, operating in a freelance capacity across the USA and internationally.

If you're looking for an engineer:

At VOX Management, we are committed to tailoring each experience, with personalisation, flexibility, and transparent project management at the core of every project.

What to expect:
  • Initial assessment to match roster talent to project according to your requirements and preference concerning genre, style etc.
  • Genuine relationships and regular contact to ensure successful long-term partnerships.
  • Transparent project-wide budgeting.
If you are an Engineer

We take pride in servicing our high-end roster with every aspect of securing work, building networks, and managing personal branding.

What to expect:
  • Early sourcing and third-party outreach for relevant projects to match each roster engineer’s requirements.
  • Negotiating rates in line with current market pricing and client portfolio and history.
  • Coordinating royalty and back-end deals, including contract administration.
  • Bespoke cross-channel promotion for engineers’ profile and latest work, i.e. website, social media, IMDb, Wikipedia.
  • Consistent client liaison and relationship management in view of long-term partnerships.
  • Co-ordinate bookings/ Diary management/ Invoice management/ Equipment hire/ Travel arrangements.
  • Networking and expanding client base/ Market research.
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Stephen Bement

Stephen Bement

Clients & collaborators: Phantom Power, Gothic Storm, Dos Brains, SBRMX Music & Sound Design

Stephen has been a respected engineer, co-producer, and mixer for over a decade.

As part of his discography, Stephen composed and recorded multiple film and tv add placements and trailers for such films like John Wick and Song Bird.


Best Known For

Fade - Soundtrack
John Wick - Trailer
Songbird - Trailer

All Film & TV Credits

John Wick - Trailer
Song Bird - Trailer
Survivor - TV Add
Raw - TV Add
The Men Who Stole The World - TV Add
Outback Opal Hunters - TV Add
Masters of Photography - TV Add
V-Day: Volcanic Planet - TV Add

All Music Credits

Fade - Video Game Soundtrack
Phantom Power
Gothic Storm
End of Silence
SBRMX Music & Sound Design
Dos Brains

Recent Projects

VOX Studios Selected Projects - SongbirdVOX Studios Selected Projects - RAWVOX Studios Selected Projects - Survivor



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