VOX Management operates as a comprehensive 360° agency serving freelance film and TV score producers, engineers, and mixers both domestically in the USA and on the international stage, offering an expansive range of services to foster creativity and enhance careers.

If you're looking for an engineer:

At VOX Management, we are committed to tailoring each experience, with personalisation, flexibility, and transparent project management at the core of every project.

What to expect:
  • Initial assessment to match roster talent to project according to your requirements and preference concerning genre, style etc.
  • Genuine relationships and regular contact to ensure successful long-term partnerships.
  • Transparent project-wide budgeting.
If you are an Engineer

We take pride in servicing our high-end roster with every aspect of securing work, building networks, and managing personal branding.

What to expect:
  • Early sourcing and third-party outreach for relevant projects to match each roster engineer’s requirements.
  • Negotiating rates in line with current market pricing and client portfolio and history.
  • Coordinating royalty and back-end deals, including contract administration.
  • Bespoke cross-channel promotion for engineers’ profile and latest work, i.e. website, social media, IMDb, Wikipedia.
  • Consistent client liaison and relationship management in view of long-term partnerships.
  • Co-ordinate bookings/ Diary management/ Invoice management/ Equipment hire/ Travel arrangements.
  • Networking and expanding client base/ Market research.
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Stephen Bement

Stephen Bement

Clients & collaborators: Phantom Power, Gothic Storm, Dos Brains, SBRMX Music & Sound Design

Stephen has been a respected engineer, co-producer, and mixer for over a decade.

As part of his discography, Stephen composed and recorded multiple film and tv add placements and trailers for such films like John Wick and Song Bird.


Best Known For

Fade - Soundtrack
John Wick - Trailer
Songbird - Trailer

All Film & TV Credits

John Wick - Trailer
Song Bird - Trailer
Survivor - TV Add
Raw - TV Add
The Men Who Stole The World - TV Add
Outback Opal Hunters - TV Add
Masters of Photography - TV Add
V-Day: Volcanic Planet - TV Add

All Music Credits

Kept Close
Jermaine Keys
Cerandon Emmanuel
Jalexus Person
Johnroy E.
After the Foxes
Latoya Sexton
Pretty Savage
Quam Corleone
Fade - Video Game Soundtrack
Phantom Power
Gothic Storm
End of Silence
SBRMX Music & Sound Design
Dos Brains

Session Musicians

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Session Musicians

Josh Smith

Josh Smith is an accomplished musician with nearly 20 years of experience in playing and composing music. A graduate of Old Dominion University with a bachelor's degree in Music, specializing in Sound Recording Technology, Josh has a strong foundation in classical and jazz training. His diverse performance history spans various ensembles and genres, including show tunes, alternative rock, RnB, jazz, hard rock/metal, and bluegrass. At VOX Studios, he brings his passion and expertise to every project.

Instruments: bass guitar (4-6 strings), pitched percussion (vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, etc. Synthesizers, bassoon

Genres: jazz, RnB, alt rnb, alt/experimental electronic (idm, breakcore, ambient) alt/indie rock, alt hip hop

William Cooke

William is a versatile session musician with a broad range of expertise across multiple genres, including Gospel, RnB/Soul, Hip Hop, Indie, Pop, Funk, Blues, and more. His fluidity on various instruments such as lead guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keys, and drums has made him an artist favorite at VOX Studios. Known for his adaptability and skill, William brings a unique and dynamic sound to every project he works on. His ability to seamlessly transition between different musical styles and instruments allows him to enhance the creative vision of each artist he collaborates with. Whether laying down a solid bassline, crafting intricate guitar solos, or adding depth with his keyboard skills, William's contributions consistently elevate the quality of the music. His reputation for professionalism and excellence has made him a sought-after session musician in the industry.

Instuments: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keys, Drums

Genres: Gospel, RnB/Soul, Hip Hop, Indie, Pop, Funk, Blues, Latin, Country, Reggae, Rock, Contemporary, Folk

Evan Shackley

Evan Shackley is a seasoned guitarist and music educator with over 13 years of playing experience and 2 years of teaching under his belt. His musical journey began in middle school, where he simultaneously picked up the guitar and saxophone. He continued with both instruments throughout high school, later focusing primarily on guitar and bass during his time at Old Dominion University.

Evan's live performance career kicked off during his freshman year of high school with Catalyst, a local crossover band where he served as the main songwriter, singer, and guitarist. Despite the band’s moderate success in the thrash scene, Catalyst disbanded when Evan started college. Following this, Evan immersed himself in jazz studies, collaborating with various musicians and performing as a sit-in guitarist for several bands.

Since his time in college, he has played with such bands as the Christian Mitchell Project and Soft Plan, as well as his funk project Funkules. Currently, Evan is a full-time guitar instructor, where he shares his passion for music and helps students develop their skills. Click here to check him out!

Instuments: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar

Genres: RnB/Soul, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Metal, Alternative/Experimental

Chris Waite

Chris is a highly skilled session drummer known for his expertise in rock, metal, pop, and funk genres. With a dynamic and powerful playing style, Chris brings precision and energy to every performance. His versatility and technical proficiency make him a sought-after collaborator at the studio, consistently delivering exceptional rhythm and groove to every project.

Instruments: Drums, hand percussin

Genres: Rock, Metal, Punk, RnB, Alternative

Tyler Harney

Tyler is an experienced stage and studio musician who performed with a variety of groups spanning a wide range of musical genres. Some of these ensembles include 7th Street Band, 623 Jazz, One Culture,  Williamsburg Classic Swing, and many more. Tyler has performed in many shows at Busch Gardens Williamsburg on stage in the Fasthaus. Whether it is Funk, Jazz, Disco, Rock, Latin, or Reggae, Mr. Harney will make it happen!

Instruments: All Saxophones, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Tuba, Ukulele, Guitar

Genres: Funk, Jazz, Disco, Rock, Latin, or Reggae

Jeff Traynham

Jeff Traynhamis is a talented session guitarist with a specialization in rock, metal, pop, punk, and funk genres. Known for his versatility and creative flair, Jeff brings a unique edge to every project he works on. With a keen sense of rhythm and melody, his technical expertise and dynamic playing style make him a valuable asset in the studio. Jeff's exceptional ability to play intricate solos with remarkable speed and precision sets him apart. His adaptability to different musical styles and his commitment to delivering high-quality performances consistently elevate the music, earning him a respected reputation among musicians and producers.

Instruments: Guitar

Genres: Rock, Metal, Punk, Pop, RnB, Alternative

Josh McDonald

Trumpeter Josh McDonald is currently based in the Hampton Roads Area. He was the Coordinator of the Jazz Ensembles at Boston University, where he directed the BU Big Band, several jazz combos, and the Jazz Chamber Lab. He also taught courses in jazz history focusing on race and the #BAM movement. He is a member of NAfME, KKPsi, and Music Performance and Education, Inc.

Josh has performed all over the country, including at Somethin’ (NYC), Fenway Park (Boston), Bank of American Pavilion (Boston), House of Blues (Boston), Steamers (Los Angeles), the Jazz Station (Eugene, OR), and the Institute of Contemporary Art. His big band compositions have been performed by Boston University Big Band, Fresno City College Big Band, the College of Holy Cross Big Band, the Old Dominion University Big Band, and the Nipomo High School Big Band. His small group compositions have been performed in the US, Singapore, and Germany.

He has performed with a host of jazz greats, including Wayne Bergeron, Brian Blade, Conrad Herwig, Ryan Keberle, Geoff Keezer, Kevin Mahogany, Andy Martin, Christian McBride, Dick Oatts, John Patitucci, Danilo Perez, Houston Person, Carl Saunders, Ed Shaughnessy, Bobby Shew, Rick Stone, Katie Thiroux, Anthony Wilson, and Gerald Wilson. He’s also performed with Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky, soul singer Lou Pride, and rock group Foster the People.Josh plays black American music (R&B, jazz, motown, pop, etc.) and records with a number of groups around the US and in India. Click here to learn more!

Instrumens: Trumpet

Genres: Motown, Pop, Jazz, RnB, Alternative

Christian Mitchell

Christian is a versatile and skilled drummer/percussionist who performs regularly in the Hampton Roads area with groups that cover a wide range of styles and genres. With over 15 years of playing experience, he is comfortable and proficient in a number of musical styles. Christian attended Old Dominion University, where he received extensive classical and jazz percussion training under the tutelage of Professors David Walker, John Toomey, Brian Jones, Dennis Zeisler, and Dr. Doug Owens. Christian is passionate about providing the exact sound that any artist is looking for when he’s booked for session work; whether it be laying down a phat and funky pocket groove, or even an authentic sounding Afro-Cuban pattern, he is able to get it done with ease.

Instruments: Drums, Multi-percussion, mallet percussion

Genres: Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Gospel, Pop, Christian Contemporary, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Rock, RnB, Blues, Country

Jared Griffith

Jared Griffith is a seasoned guitar player with 20 years of experience, specializing in Metal, Punk, Rock, and Indie genres. As a member of the band Kept Close, Jared has honed his craft, delivering powerful and emotive performances that captivate audiences. Known for his technical proficiency and creative flair, he brings a dynamic energy to every project. Jared's extensive experience and dedication to his instrument make him a valuable asset in the studio and on stage, consistently elevating the music with his skillful playing and passionate approach.

Instruments: Guitar, Bass

Genres: Rock, Metal, Punk, Alternative

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