COVID-19 Information

Updated 18 Jan. 2022
Following US Government Guidance and our own Risk Assessments, VOX Studios has drawn up a detailed Health & Safety Policy to protect the staff, clients and you from COVID-19.

This overview highlights the key points to help you understand the changes.
We also recommend you read the Musician Union guidance on what to expect when Attending Recording Sessions.

VOX Studios COVID-19 Health & Safety Overview

Updated 18 Jan 2022


To protect personnel at VOX and help reduce transmission in the wider community:
  • We ask everybody to follow US.GOV, particularly on public transport, when travelling to VOX Studios
  • Extra cycle parking will be provided

Health Checks

To reduce the chance that COVID-19 is brought on-site:
  • Personnel should not attend if they are currently required to self-isolate or quarantine according to CDC guidance.
  • Possible health screening, e.g. temp check, by medical personnel on arrival

Training & Communication

To keep all personnel informed and ensure safe practice:
  • Risk Assessments and Health & Safety Policies are available online

Arriving at the Studios

‍To ensure all personnel gain access safely when arriving you should:
  • Allow for extra time to access the studio for queuing, registration, health checks & tests.
  • Bring the access permission email – on a phone or printed to speed up sign-in
  • Use the sanitising stations situated at the entrances

Social Distancing

We will retain the following policies:

Social Distancing may be implemented in the live area on specific sessions.
  • Contact free sign in for all personnel
  • Live Areas may have designated seating
  • Controlled movement between control room and live area

Personal Hygiene

To reduce the possibility of transmission on-site we are providing:
  • Sanitising stations at external entry and studio entry points
  • Pedal operated waste bins
  • Single use paper towels in all toilet facilities

PPE & Face Masks

We advise that:
  • Musicians use face coverings or masks except when playing an instrument
  • Clients, crew and visitors use face coverings or masks
‍Provisions of PPE and face coverings.
  • VOX staff will be supplied with, situation appropriate, PPE
  • Client, crew, visitors & musicians should supply their own face coverings or PPE

COVID-19 Specific Cleaning

To remove possible contamination of surfaces and equipment VOX will:
  • Disinfect common touch areas.
  • Specific cleaning of musician equipment: chairs, headphones, music stands
  • Specific cleaning protocols for personnel responsible for studio equipment
  • Use UV-C disinfection systems as appropriate


‍To keep all personnel safe during breaks:
  • Musicians are asked to take all their waste/rubbish home with them or use pedal bins provided


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