Stephen Bement

Picture of Stephen Bement
Producer, mixing engineer, composer and founder of VOX Studios, Stephen Bement is one of the music industry’s most versatile and imaginative talents. He composed numerous tracks for film, television and video games, which would later be featured in the trailers for such films as John Wick and Songbird.

Stephen entered the music industry in 2012, and began building upon his love and knowledge of music, music production and recording. His earlier career was made performing in multiple bands and solo acts but would soon find his love for recording music and engineering to be his real passion.

A dream come true for Stephen, VOX is a haven where artists of all genres can find refuge, inspiration, a dedicated space stocked with some of the finest gear in the world and most of all a place where each artist can find their own unique voice.

Modular Wall

Picture of Modular Synth Wall
One of the many things that makes VOX Studios so unique is its collection of rare and vintage synthesizers that are fully available for our clients to use. Standing on the shoulders of giants and built upon a rich history, we have curated some of the most beloved and renowned synthesizers ranging from the classic Minimoog to a mammoth 5U modular wall.

The 1960s saw the introduction of the Moog synthesizer. The Moog was composed of separate modules which created and shaped sounds, such as envelopes, noise generators, filters, sequencers and patch chords. The modular wall at VOX has a collection of extremely rare and powerful modules which allows for full flexibility and endless possibilities. We also enjoy using the modular wall for teaching purposes as it allows the user to fully understand how a synthesizer is patched and how to build custom sound design.

Among the mammoth wall we also offer synthesizers such as the Minimoog, Moog One, Prophet 5, and many more. Please reach out to learn more or to come take a tour of our facility.