Audio Post Production

Vox Studios offers top-notch recording studio post-production services to elevate your audio projects to a professional level. Our expert team of audio engineers and producers meticulously refine and enhance your recorded material to achieve the highest quality sound. From audio editing, mixing, and mastering to adding special effects and ensuring optimal sound clarity, we provide a comprehensive range of post-production services to bring your vision to life. Whether you're working on music, podcasts, voiceovers, or any audio content, Vox Studios is your trusted partner for achieving exceptional post-production results.

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ADR / Looping / Re-Recording

Equipped with a 65" TV and strategically placed microphones, we offer the ideal setup for recording Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR) sessions for your film or television production. Our studio provides a cozy and conducive atmosphere, ensuring your actors can deliver the perfect takes you require.

Voiceover / Narration

Our recording capabilities extend to various applications, including voiceovers and narration for radio and television advertisements, corporate communication materials, event productions, presentations, trade shows, TV programs, independent films, documentaries, and any other project where professional audio recording is needed.

Dialogue / Editing

We offer comprehensive audio improvement services, including noise reduction, removal of pauses and breaths, and the delivery of polished, seamlessly crafted recordings ideal for presentations and various projects.


We have the capability to establish remote connections with studios across the globe using industry-standard technology, enabling real-time two-way communication between directors and talent. Our expertise and advanced tools allow us to enhance recordings by reducing noise, eliminating gaps and breaths, and delivering a polished, evenly paced performance suitable for any presentation.


Our team excels in recording for audiobooks, catering to both major publishers and independent authors. Additionally, we offer final editing services to ensure your files are ready for release.


Our studio can easily accommodate multiple hosts, producers, and guests for a variety of recording needs, including podcasts, interviews, internet or satellite radio shows, and web series.


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